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The Scoop on Us

Rhonda Tilley Benvie

When you meet Rhonda for the first time, you will see why she has been so successful. Her down to earth personality shines through and makes it so easy to work with her. “The open dialogue between a designer and a client are very important so that the client feels comfortable telling us how they live in a particular space,” says Rhonda.

After being in the design field for 20 years, she has really found a wonderful niche in her new Wake Forest shop. Joining with Upon the Rock Granite & Marble, Help Me Rhonda Interiors, LLC is really a one-stop shop.

Rhonda specializes in telling it like it is when it comes to design. She will not lead you astray. Tell her you have dogs and kids and she will find you a livable carpet and the washable bedding to last. Tell her your husband is 6’5” and she knows the perfect sofa for him.

We all want our homes to be comfortable and a reflection of our style. From complete building or remodel projects to a second home or just a bedroom, Rhonda will make it yours and make it everything you dreamed of.

The last thing we are, is a pretentious “design shop,” where you don’t feel comfortable talking about a budget or spreading out your project. “My best clients are those who have done a little at a time to create their dream home. It is really all about what makes the client comfortable in the end. We want the completed project to be everything they ever wanted, which means keeping within their style and comfort level. Whether my personal style is a little more traditional or contemporary does not matter. It is about proper design techniques within the customer’s style.”

Rhonda is an "original" in the area. You will definitely know that as soon as you talk to her. The accent is quite "southern!" She grew up in Fuquay-Varina, NC. Rhonda loves to travel, go to concerts, especially country concerts! She stays very busy with work, church activities, family and friends, and finding time for herself. Being a widow, she has learned a lot more about balance and how short life can be now and is trying to make sure she doesn't miss out when good things come along. Rhonda has two grown daughters, Elyse and Brooke, as well as her chihuahua, Barbie Diva. She now makes Wake Forest her home.

Rhonda Tilley Benvie
Rhonda Tilley Benvie

Angela Sikes Krause

"Many people are concerned about hiring a designer for the first time. They worry that all designers are snooty, or that they have to get everything perfect before we come over." says Angela, "I think once they meet me or Rhonda, they feel at ease. We are very relaxed in our approach and know that we all have to live in our homes, often with kids and animals. Our goal is to help our clients create a beautiful and comfortable home within their budget."

Angela’s love for design began at a young age. With a grandmother who loved antique furnishings, a Mom who loves to shop and a dad who was a furniture maker, she grew to love antiques and appreciates a quality-made piece of furniture, especially those made in the U.S. "I feel proud when I am able to find something for a client made right here, sometimes in North Carolina", says Angela. “It’s a bonus each time I can find just what a client is looking for and it helped to employ someone down the road."

Angela simplifies the design process by creating a terrific rapport with clients to help them feel comfortable sharing the vision of their home. With this vision, she blends colors, fabrics, furnishings, and accessories with timeless pieces and unique curiosities to create seamless transitions from room to room. The home interiors that she creates stimulate feelings of warmth, relaxation, energy, or a combination of moods that her client desires.

After growing up in the area, graduating from Broughton High School and then from UNCG, Angela moved to Michigan for a few years. She and her family returned to the Raleigh area in 1998 to be closer to family and to open several high-end, children's furnishings stores. "Now as Manager/Interior Designer for Help Me Rhonda Interiors," I am able to do what I love, the whole home!” says Angela. She now lives with her family, which includes her 13-year-old daughter, 18-year-old son and their dog, "Cookie" in Wake Forest.

When not working, Angela can often be found on the sidelines of her children’s sporting events. Angela enjoys giving back to the community by being involved in her church, missions, and her children's schools. Several nights a month, you may even find her on the dance floor with a shag partner.

Angela Sikes Krause

Rianne Albright

Rianne is the lifeline to Help Me Rhonda Interiors. When you stop by our shop, her smiling face is usually the first to greet you. Rianne is the baby around here. We know who to go to for problems with our iPhones and problems with our memory!!! She keeps us on track and focused on the goal at hand.

Rianne worked her way through college in the banking industry; therefore, she has a strong understanding of the numbers side of our business. With her job focused on that part of our business, she is really keeping us organized.

After graduating from UNCG, Rianne married her high school sweetheart, Parrish, in 2013 and moved to Wakefield soon after. Through a mutual friend, Rianne and Rhonda met and hit it off right away. Rianne's sweet and calm demeanor balances out Rhonda and Angela's edgy and bubbly personalities.

"I never thought about working in the design field but my business management degree prepared me well and my personality helps me go with the flow when things get crazy-busy around the office," says Rianne, "I never knew a job could be so much fun!"

Rianne Albright
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